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Please read the following general conditions of use of this application before going any further. Upon connection to this application, you accept these general conditions of use without reservation.

1- Application Editor

JS by Journo Samuel


The JS Company is a personal business company

Business Identification N °: 035838523

2- Conditions Of Use

The Application, accessible by the application store is managed in compliance with Israeli legislation. The use of this application is regulated by these Conditions of Use. When using this Application, you recognize full awareness of these conditions and have accepted them. The conditions may be changed at any moment and without prior notice from the company

The JS company may not be held responsible in any way for ill use of the site

3 - Editorial chief

Royi Journo


4 - Intellectual property

The entire contents of this Application, including, and without restriction, all graphics, images, texts, videos, animations, sounds, logos, gifs and icons, as well as their layout, are the exclusive property of the JS Company, with the exception of brands, logos or contents belonging to other partner companies or authors.


All reproduction, distribution, modification, adaptation, re-transmission or publication, even partial, of these different elements is strictly forbidden without the formal written consent of the JS Company. No matter what form this representation or reproduction takes, it will be considered counterfeit and is punishable by the intellectual property Israeli law. The non-respect of this interdiction constitutes counterfeit and can hold the counterfeiter civilly and criminally liable. Furthermore, the owners of the Contents unduly copied have every right to take the counterfeiter to court.

The JS Company owns, in an identical manner, the “database production rights” relating to copyright and databases.

The users and visitors of the Application can set up a hyperlink in the direction of this site but only in direction of the homepage.

For all requests of authorization or information, please contact us by mail: There are specific conditions for the press.


5- Limits of responsibility

The information contained on this application is as precise as possible and although periodically updated can contain inaccuracies, omissions or flaws. If you notice a flaw, error or element of dysfunction, please point this out to us by email and describe the problem as precisely as possible (the page posing the problem, what triggered the problem, type of computer or navigator used…).

All downloading is carried out at the risk and peril of the user and is his/her responsibility alone. Consequently, the JS Company may not be held accountable for any damage subjected to the user’s computer or for any loss of data during the downloading process.

The photographs are non-contractual.

The JS Company may not be held accountable for the hypertext links implemented in the framework of this application, in the direction of other resources present on the Internet network.

6- Disputes

The present conditions of use are regulated by Israeli law.  Any claims or disputes that could arise from the interpretation or execution of these conditions come under the exclusive realm of jurisdiction of the court of Hedera, whose competence the headquarters of the company comes under. The language of reference when dealing with potential disputes is Hebrew.

7- Access rights

In application of this law, Internet users have the right to access, rectify, modify and suppress data that concerns them personally.

This right may be activated by email at the following address:

Personal information gathered on the site is never communicated to a third party except where necessary for the correct undertaking of a service ordered by the user.

8- Confidentiality

Your personal data are confidential and will in no case be communicated to a third party except for the correct undertaking of a service.

9- Conception and realization

Royi Journo


10- Service conditions

Information and exclusion

The JS Company implements all means possible to ensure the communication of reliable information and a reliable updating of its application. However, errors or omissions may arise. The user should, therefore, make sure of the accuracy of the information he/she is seeking from the JS Company and point out any application modifications that he/she would find useful. The JS Company is not liable for the use made of this information nor for any direct or indirect prejudice that may result from it.


For statistical and posting purposes, this application uses cookies (identification of the customer and his/her shopping basket). It is a question of small text files stocked on the user’s hard disk in order to record technical data as to his/her navigation. Certain parts of this site are not functional without the acceptance of cookies.

Hypertext links

The Application JS can propose links to other internet sites or to other resources available on the internet.

The JS company has no way of controlling the sites in connection with its internet Sites. The JS Company is not answerable as to the availability of such external sites and sources and cannot guarantee them. It cannot be held responsible for any damages, no matter what the nature, resulting from the content of these sites or external sources, notably the information, products or services that they propose, or of any usage made of these elements. The risks linked to this use lies fully with the Internet user, who must respect the appropriate conditions of use.

The users, subscribers, and visitors of the JS Company application cannot implement a hyperlink in the direction of this application without prior consent from the JS Company.

In the hypothesis of a user or visitor wishing to implement a hyperlink in the direction of one of the JS company application, he/she must send an email that can be accessed on the Application in order to formulate the demand to implement a hyperlink. The JS Company has the right to accept or refuse a hyperlink without having to justify its decision.

Information search

In addition, the redirection to another application to complete the search for information in no way means that the JS Company recognizes or accepts responsibility for the contents or use of the said site.

Precautions of usage

Consequently, it is the responsibility of the user to take necessary precautions in order to make sure that what he/she has chosen to use harbors neither errors nor elements of a harmful nature such as viruses, Trojans, etc….


No other guarantee is given to the Customer and it is his/her responsibility and duty to formulate and communicate clearly his/her needs. If the information provided by the JS Company appears to be inaccurate, it is up to the customer him/herself to check the coherence and probability of the results obtained. The JS Company will in no way be accountable to third parties for the usage of the information contained in its Products nor for its absence.  The company cannot be held responsible for the Customer’s usage of the JS Company's application.

Contact us

The JS Company welcomes any comments or suggestions you may wish to make. Contact us by mail at:

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